But They Can’t Break Stones (2015)


But They Can’t Break Stones was shot over 5 weeks in the summer of 2014, and it follows activist Radha Paudel’s story, travelling through villages in Jumla, Western Nepal, fighting for women’s rights. It was one of the first documentaries to ever cover chhaupadi, the tradition that banishes menstruating women from their homes and puts their lives in danger.

The film was screened at film festivals internationally, winning awards and raising awareness about Radha’s work and chhaupadi.



  • Indie Fest Humanitarian Award Winner
  • Essex Human Rights Summer School Screening


  • Bronze Award Winner at Spotlight Documentary Awards 2016 in New York
  • The Indie Fest Award of Merit Winner 2016 (Best Documentary Category)
  • BFI Learning on Screen Award Nominee 2016
  • Official selection at “We Are the Peoples” Film Festival 2016 in London
  • Official Selection at the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra 2016
  • Official Selection at Los Angeles CineFest 2016.
  • Official Selection at Roma CineDOC Film Festival 2016
  • Screening CHASE AHRC event ‘Gender & Intersectionality’ in London


  • Official Selection 2015 London Feminist Film Festival
  • Official Selection at Screening Rights Film Festival in Birmingham 2015
  • Official Selection 2015 Manchester Metropolitan University Film Festival
  • Essex Transitional Justice Network Screening
  • 2015 Postgraduate Research Marathon Screening



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